How Online Reviews Can Help Your Business

Online Google Reviews

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Online reviews can be incredible helpful when potential customers are searching online for somewhere to eat. The reviews your customers leave online have a direct impact on your potential to attract new customers.

Local SEO

Every local business needs to focus on local search engine optimisation for their website.

Someone searching for a place to eat is clearly looking for something nearby.

They’re may include a suburb in their search but if not you still want to utilise Google’s services because they likely know where the searcher is located anyway.

New Customers

Positive online reviews have a direct impact on how many people will walk through your doors.

The higher you’re rated the more likely Google will feature you on their maps searches when someone searches ‘brisbane restaurant‘ for example.
On a similar note, negative reviews can hurt your business.

Research shows that if the first reviews a searcher reads are negatively, they’re unlikely to keep reading.

In other words you might lose potential customers, so be careful.

Customer Loyalty

Online reviews can be a great opportunity to reach out and thank them for visiting your restaurant or cafe.

If you’re able to add a more personal note to the reply then that can be an amazing way to turn them into a returning customer.

On the other hand if it’s a negative review for some reason it can be a great opportunity to reach out because it’s not uncommon for customers to change their review after a conversion with the business owner.


Now that you understand the importance of online reviews it’s time you begin utilising them in your business.

If you have any questions on growing your online reviews please don’t hesitate to reach out.

To your success,

Jackson Gartner


Jackson Gartner

Jackson Gartner is the founder of Web Design Bistro and White Peak Digital. He has a background in website design, digital marketing and customer experience. In his free time, he enjoys motorsport and time with family.
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